Transportation Capabilities


It doesn't do anyone any good if you can provide treatment and disposal options for hazardous waste, but you don't have a way to move the waste to the proper facilities. That's why we have developed a strong network of transportation assets in order to transport our customers' waste to its final destination. Our logistical capabilities and assets include vacuum trucks, tankers, dump trailers, van trailers and other speciality equipment. Additionally, we use equipment and vehicles that allow us to utilize rail and marine transportation networks. Our access to over 200 drivers and 200 registered power units allows us to transport your waste efficiently. More importanly, you can rest assured knowing that you waste will be transported in a safe and complaint manner.


Our transportation capabilities are strengthened by our utilization of an extensive rail fleet and equipment. We are able to assist you with the expertise needed to plan, manage and transport large volumes of material via a nationwide rail network. Here is a breakdown of the rail capabilities and equipment that we have at our disposal in order to meet the needs of our customers:

  • 1000+ open-top intermodal containers
  • 200 hard-top 20 ft intermodal containers
  • Multiple intermodal flatcar configurations with a gross weight capacity up to 424,000 lbs
  • Gasketed, strong and tight, forklift-compatible containers
  • Containers that can be converted from intermodal to roll-off with adaptable sleds
  • Additional support equipment includes:
    • Reach stackers
    • Vertical mast lifts
    • Spreader bars (used to convert cranes into intermodal lifts)
    • Bridger-style chassis trailers


With a fleet of over 200 registered power units and 200+ drivers/operators available, we are able to efficiently transport your hazardous waste.